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Our Key Products will be featured with LIVE DEMO, to exhibits on preventing internal and external cyber threats, providing flexibility in securing cloud and on premise data assets.

Product Highlights


STORMSHIELD (By Airbus Defense & Space)

Military Grade UTM Firewall | Data Security | Signatureless Advance Endpoint HIPS

It is the only vendor ceritifed by European Union and have acheived the highest NATO VPN certification.

Offers combination of 3 various products under Airbus Defense & Space to collaborative protection,

contextual and global protection to protect your data everywhere in any device (SDS), secure your extended

network (SNS), with proactive protection of signatureless endpoint HIPS (SES).

Wallix: Privilege Identity Access Mangement


Integrating Privilege Identity Access Mangement into security infrastructure to protect organisation most strategic and critical assets- Data, Servers, Terminals, and connected devices. Minimize the risk of cyberattacks, data theft, and data breaches with the Wallix Bastion. Maintaining visibility of internal and external cyber threats.


Denyall: Next Gen Web Application Firewall (WAF) & Vulnerability Scanner

Denyall gives you the power and flexibility to secure organisation cloud applications, on-premise applications

and web services. Denyall help to identify, priortize and patch vulnerablilties. This includes simplify and strengthen user access to applications, wherever people connect from and wherever applications are located. Power patented technology to block attacks targeting web applications, the APIs and web services powering mobile apps,by evaluationg user behavior in contect ot respond appropriately.