Founded in 2010, Pradeo is an innovator and provider or security solutions for smartphones, tablets and IoT devices.

At the center of Pradeo’s IT security products is the groundbreaking Trust Revealing™ technology—a behavioral analysis engine that identifies, evaluates and prevents malicious activities in all applications.

Today, Pradeo’s global presence spans France, the United Kingdom, the USA and Singapore.


CheckMyApps is our module to manage Apps security on a mobile fleet.


AuditMyFleet is using our unique technology based on our behavioral analysis engine – Trust Revealing, to assess threats coming from the Apps deployed on a corporate mobile fleet at a given time.


AuditMyApps module uses our behavioral analysis engine, Trust Revealing, to exhaustively reveal actions performed by the tested App and even remedy to inappropriate behaviors with regards to your security policy.


ProtectMyApps is an API to be embedded within your App. Relying on our Trust Revealing technology, it proactively detects and provides the ability to block threats coming from third party Apps.


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