AuditMyFleet Solution


Diagnose the security level of your fleet

AuditMyFleet is using our unique technology based on our behavioral analysis engine – Trust Revealing, to assess threats coming from the Apps deployed on a corporate mobile fleet at a given time.


Figure out what are the weaknesses of your mobile fleet

Across users diversity

Personal (BYOD) and Corporate devices, Universality of environments and Public Apps, business Apps, third party Apps

Smoothly inventory your Apps

Relying on your MDM / EMM solution, using our AppSecurity agent or compiling a CSV file

Assess your security level

An in-depth diagnosis detailing vulnerabilities across 3 main categories: Privacy & Mobile content, Financial losses and Malicious activities


AuditMyFleet solution model

Collect Apps from your fleet

Using either your MDM/EMM solution, or our AppSecurity agent or importing a csv file

Scan your collected Apps

Analyze the Apps according to a predefined security policy

Get a detailed security report

Mapping of the threats by severity level

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