Founded in 2014, Sentryo positions itself as a pioneer in cybersecurity protection for the industrial internet, which encompasses machine-to-machine networks as well as critical industrial systems.

Sentryo ICS CyberVision is Sentryo’s main security solution. Launched in September 2015, it delivers an operational security capacity to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks. Unlike IT solutions, Sentryo ICS CyberVision is fully passive, a prerequisite condition for such critical industrial networks.


Enable Control Engineers to understand their detailed situation, their current risk exposure and permit them to reduce the attack surface.

Provide reports to Security Officers to measure progress and help them comply with existing and upcoming regulations


Cybersecurity Experts at Secure Operation Centers monitor all significant events and detect any abnormal behaviors or anomalies which are not part of the baseline.

Facilitate the Incident Responder’s job by providing all the needed forensics data.


Cybersecurity Experts, Control Engineers, Security Officers are not yet working in a synchronous way.. These mistrusts are the weakest link of ICS cybersecurity.

Sentryo offers a common language and a collaboration solution centered on risk management.


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