Mobile Application Security


Groundbreaking technology in Mobile Application Security

Like icebergs, mobile apps have declared usages and permissions, as well as hidden behaviors and processes.

BizSecure’s mobile app security solutions use Pradeo’s Trust Revealing™ technology, a revolutionary engine that evaluates an app’s behavior and prevents malicious activities in all applications. These solutions are specially developed for smartphones, tabets and IoT devices.


A security solution to manage end to end the Apps value chain

Protect your mobile fleet

Define your own security policy and automatically block non-compliant apps directly on mobile devices.

Assess threats on your mobile fleet

Diagnose its security level and identify areas of improvement.

Test the security level of your Apps

Run security tests of your own mobile Apps against our behavioral analysis engine to identify their malicious behaviors and vulnerabilities.

Protect your Apps

Secure your App from threats coming from other Apps while running on unknown devices.

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