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The most advanced solutions for email protection

BizSecure uses Vade Secure email security solutions to protect client organizations from the most sophisticated email scams such as phishing and spear phishing, malware and ransomware.

Already protecting over 300 million mailboxes worldwide, Vade Secure has a comprehensive range of solutions against all email threats, ensuring zero-day protection, even on targeted attacks. These solutions are tailored to deal with a large amount of emails to help ISPs, OEMs, hosting companies and enterprises.


Vade Secure makes security and convenience exist


The solution protects users at the time of click and takes down phishing webpage in real time. This is the most comprehensive anti-phishing solution on the market.


To ensure full email protection, all attached files are scanned in order to block hazardous content. Doctor Web anti virus is available as an add on.


The heuristic filter blocks incoming threats, including “low wave” spam and zero day attacks. Updated every minute with no service interruption to the user.

Graymail Management

Graymail Management aim at detecting and classifying 100% of non-priority (bulk) emails for you while helping you to unsubscribe in one click with an automated process.

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