Web Application Security


Discover and continuously monitor all your web applications

Proactively or reluctantly, organizations make their data readily accessible to suppliers, partners and customers via web browsers and mobile applications. But the most sensitive corporate data can also be available to uncaring or hostile outsiders—if one is not careful enough.

Using a full suite of security solutions by DenyAll, BizSecure’s web application security solutions features that will safeguard the system from unwanted access.


Discover our web application security with DenyAll

Web Application Security

We deploy Web Application Firewalls (WAF) protect any application accessible via a web browser or mobile app.

Web Access Management

Our Web Access Manager (WAM) safely connects users to your web applications, while strengthening authentication for protected applications.

Security Management

Our solutions offer the ability to centrally manage controls, wherever and whenever they need to be deployed, with centralized dashboarding and reporting based on key security indicators.

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