CheckMyApps Solution


Secure your mobile fleet

CheckMyApps is our module to manage Apps security on a mobile fleet. Based on our unequaled technology – Trust Revealing, it determines with accuracy Apps’ malicious behaviors and blocks them in accordance to your own policy.


Control Apps security without restricting your users

User’s diversity

Personal (BYOD) and Corporate devices, Universality of environments and Public Apps, business Apps, third party Apps

Custom security policy

Define your own criteria and adjust security levels to your business, Automatically block non-compliant Apps directly on mobile devices and Create specific rules for BYOD devices

Seamless management

Remotely supervise your mobile fleet from the management console

MDM / EMM integration

Leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) are integrated with CheckMyApps


CheckMyApps module offers a full integration with the leading players in the market

Enroll your fleet

Directly via SMS, e-mail or through your MDM/EMM solution

Define your own security policy

Customize security rules to match your company context

Supervise your fleet

Check the security level and review Apps that have been blocked

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