Stormshield Data Security


Trusted solution for the protection of sensitive information

Seamless and built into your standard communication tools, the Stormshield Data Security solution allows your specialized teams to create safe collaboration environments regardless of the medium (e-mail, USB keys, etc.), terminal (computer, smartphone) and application (collaborative, intranet, shared networks, etc.) used.

Its proven robustness, backed by its EAL3+/ NATO certifications, means that Stormshield Data Security will ensure that you preserve the confidentiality of your projects from any internal or external indiscretion.

With Stormshield Data Security, your sensitive information is protected from end to end – when it is created, modified or transferred.


Now, more than ever, businesses are forced to adapt to this context and come up with innovative ways to protect and monitor the network.

Protection in an uncontrolled Infrastructure

On-premises / Private cloud / Public cloud Vulnerabilities of datacenters. Improper use leading to data leaks (e.g. recycling authentication credentials). Maliciousness of employees with privileges on the system, the network or in a database. Interception of data over the network

Protection from internal threats

Malicious administrators, Accidental data leaks, Theft of peripherals and Unauthorized access to workstations


Collaborating in total security has never been this easy

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