Stormshield Endpoint Security


The only solution that provides trusted protection against targeted attacks and APTs

Drawing on a unique system analysis technology, Stormshield Endpoint Security is the only solution that provides proven protection from both known and unknown targeted attacks and APTs.

Seamless and perfectly adapted for large-scale deployments, Stormshield Endpoint Security integrates into a single agent all the security services needed for protecting workstations and servers, ranging from peripheral device control to the encryption of disks.


Now, more than ever, businesses are forced to adapt to this context and come up with innovative ways to protect and monitor the network.

APT Protection

3rd-generation vulnerability pro- tection: several layers of protec- tion make it possible to detect each attack.

Core Defense

A Core Defense module covering all basic security needs such as application control, firewall, HIPS, NIPS, etc.

Device Control

Full tracking of operations on any type of removable peripheral device.


Transparent disk encryption and centralized encryption policies based on the file/folder.


Seamless management of the module by the Stormshield Endpoint Security management console.

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