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Vade Retro is reinventing email security with a new name : Vade Secure

If your strategy is based on providing cloud solutions through a channel with value-added resellers (VARs), the Vade Secure Cloud Kit is the way to go. Users get a complete email filtering solution and your resellers handle customer administration and licensing. You hand off direct user interaction to the VAR but still control the service.


Become a cloud email security provider with little investment

Be master of the licensing model

Vade Secure Cloud Kit is based on a strong administration hierarchy with reseller features such as licensing limits per feature, per user or per domain.

Provide expertise to your customers

Vade Secure Cloud Kit offers many tools to provide email configuration and management expertise to your channel.

‘A la carte’ SaaS service

Subscribe only the individual mailboxes you want to protect without paying for a plan you don't use.

Service continuity

With Vade Secure Cloud Kit, you can offer a high availability messaging system solution (SLA: 99.9%; MTTR 2 hours) with SMTP flow retention in case of network disruption (up to 5 days).

Solid technologies

Enjoy a completely scalable and transparent infrastructure, free of performance concerns.


The Vade Secure Cloud Kit is the way to go

Independent policies for customers, you keep final control

The admin interface shows multiple levels of control, each of which can define an independent policy. In case of conflict, the parent level wins.

User interface simplifies user and admin tasks

Vade Secure Cloud allows customers to manage all users through a dedicated and easy to use interface.

Independent filtering policy through an advanced administration interface

Vade Secure Cloud allows you to decide - for each domain - how to treat each category of unwanted email.

Strong and deep rules editor

With Vade Secure Cloud Kit, your customer can create demanding rules for managing email policies.

Dedicated logs and statistics

With Vade Secure Cloud Kit, you own an email security system and cloud platform that provides both flexibility and independence for your customers and central control and management for you.

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