Vade Secure Gateway


Vade Retro is reinventing email security with a new name : Vade Secure

Easily integrated and compatible with any hypervisor, Gateway provides a full range of filtering, classification and email management tools to give users power over their inboxes. Gateway uses the simplicity of virtualization to reduce setup to 30 minutes with deep email’s management policy.


Keep your environment under control with a white-labeled & packaged gateway solution

Plug & Forget

As soon as you activate your Gateway, your mail system is immediately protected. Users immediately benefit from the latest Vade Secure features and filter updates—no ramp time for system learning required.

Compatible with all virtualization market standards

Available as an OVA image, our virtual appliance is compatible with all common market hypervisors (VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, Xen).

Completely tunable

You can choose to activate Gateway functionality individually based on what will most benefit the classification engine in your environment.

A scalable product

You can configure the number of Virtual Gateways to meet the needs of your users (employees or customers).

Concentrated power and technology

The Gateway gateway gives you access to all Vade Secure technology. Your users will enjoy innovative features as graymail classification and safe unsubscribe with no compromise in efficiency, capability or accuracy of email processing.


Gateway provides a full range of filtering, classification and email management tools to give users power over their inboxes.

Multi-layer features

Gateway supports multiple domains. Many features such as whitelist and blacklist management can be defined at each level of administration: global, per domain, per user.

Powerful reporting tools

The Gateway's reporting dashboard shows the messaging traffic level for all your clients. We also make it easy to search connection logs to pin-point problems quickly.

From a basic quarantine access to an innovative user account

Vade Secure transforms quarantine access to a global user account in which users can manage graymail (non-priority email) in separate folders from spam email.

Inbound and outbound filtering

Virtual Gateway enables you to protect the reputation of your infrastructure, avoid blacklisting of IP address and prevent the spread of massive spam attacks across the infrastructure.

Easy to administer

Gateway enjoys a browser-based administration interface, accessible anywhere. In a few clicks you can apply an appropriate upstream or downstream security policy to your clients' messaging system.

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