WAB Access Manager


Accelerate adoption of Privileged Account Management through one-click portal

Presented as a single, easy-to-use, web-based management portal, WAB Access Manager helps cloud providers and end-users to expand and accelerate the deployment of privileged access management while enhancing their control, security and user experience.


Reducing your biggest security risks in a single day

Made for Cloud Providers and for Third Party & Contractors

Extensive customisation options also make WAB Access Manager an ideal solution for cloud providers, especially those delivering on-demand privileged access management services that are tailored to each of their clients’ environments.

Privileged users management multi-tenancy portal

For the privileged access management of multiple sites, customers or networks, WAB Access Manager provides a single log-in portal for all the resources they need.

One click access for privileged users

WAB Access Manager is a portal that lets users connect to resources with a single click. Built upon HTML5, users can immediately connect to the WAB from any device without the need to install remote access tools. Users can also connect through native RDP and SSH clients.

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