WAB Password Manager


Addressing the challenge of shared accounts password management

One of the biggest risks to the security of your IT infrastructure arises from the sharing of privileged user accounts. Simply put, the more people who are granted privileged access, the greater the risk of that access being misused – either accidentally, or with malicious intent.

Shared accounts also dramatically reduce admin productivity, since each user must securely store, andthen accurately enter, multiple complex, and frequentlychanging passwords, just to carry out their daily tasks.

Managing these passwords securely, even for small numbers of privileged users is very resource intensive, and quickly becomes unworkable as your organization grows.


Reducing your biggest security risks in a single day

Fast, simple deployment with no disruption of existing access

Full control and tracking of credential visibility

Immediate increase in admin productivity

Eliminate direct access to all systems

Protection of sensitive credentials in a certified vault

Eliminate unauthorized elevation of privileged rights

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