France’s world-class car maker, PSA Group, continues its deployment of Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution WALLIX Bastion for the detection of cyber threats and the analysis of digital evidence linked to security incidents. Today, WALLIX Bastion forms an integral part of PSA Group’s security policy, ensuring:

  • Compliance with internal security requirements and external regulatory obligations (including BALE II)
  • “Security by design”: all privileged user connections to information systems and equipment are done via WALLIX Bastion
  • Continuity and quality of service

An integration process that is scalable and adapted to major corporations

Launched as a pilot project in 2011, WALLIX Bastion is now a centralized and integral component of PSA Group’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) solutions. Bastion feeds PSA’s SIEM[1] system, allowing its SOC[2] to detect security alerts in real time and analyze incident data. To ensure a high degree of availability and a balanced load, PSA currently has a centralized infrastructure of 8 bastions which control and track access to several thousand UNIX servers.

“We are continuing to roll out WALLIX Bastion as it has proven to be a reliable solution that meets our security requirements and can be integrated within our global architecture, particularly the automated systems that are crucial to our operating processes as a major industrial group. We have every confidence that WALLIX will continue to be a supportive partner going forward” said Thierry Hec, Security Expert at PSA Group

Quality services and flexible solutions for administrators

It was through a communications and onboarding campaign that PSA’s security expert was able to federate its administrators around the project. Today, all administrators must go through Bastion to connect to a server, tightening the overall security of information systems whilst still maintaining the same quality of service whatever the circumstances (in nominal mode or during a Disaster Recovery Plan).

“This project is the result of the relationship of trust that has been built between PSA Group and WALLIX, and it illustrates the functional and technological development of our software suite. We meet the strategic challenges of major industrial players that need a solution that is easy to integrate and that is robust and rapidly operational. Awarded first-level security certification (CSPN), our Bastion technology enables us to help these clients with their security policy governance and IT infrastructures” said Xavier LefaucheuxVP Sales Western Europe at WALLIX.

[1] SIEM: Security Information and Event Management

[2] SOC: Security Operations Center