Cloud Services

Bizsecure’s reliable and highly efficient Cloud Services are developed to optimize your enterprise’s messaging system. Featuring enhanced inbound and outbound filtering, a precise logs and statistics tool, and a simplified user interface, our Cloud Services allow you to better manage your email stream any time with minimal infrastructure constraints.


Forget infrastructure constraints thanks to cloud services

Immediately classify your email in the cloud

Without any interruption of service, Vade Secure Cloud begins analyzing your email stream and is ready to catch all online threats.

‘A la carte’ SaaS

Subscribe only the individual mailboxes you want to protect without paying for a plan you don't use.

Reseller's dream

Manage your customers in a centralized interface, while providing white-labeled software for customers to manage their own delegation policy.

Clear your bandwidth

We optimize your inbound traffic by classifying the unwanted email and encouraging your users to safely unsubscribe from unwanted commercial email.

Service continuity

Vade Secure Cloud preserves and protects the email stream in the cloud to ensure your messaging system is always available (SLA: 99.9%; MTTR 2 hours) and retains your SMTP flow in case of network disruption (up to 5 days).

Solid technologies

Enjoy a completely scalable and transparent infrastructure, free of performance concerns.


We give you the power of Vade Secure’s technology completely independent of your environment

An inbound and outbound filtering

Vade Secure Cloud enables you to protect the reputation of your domains, avoid blacklisting of your IP addresses and prevent the spread of massive spam attacks from inside your infrastructure.

Diagnostic tools to optimize configuration

Vade Secure Cloud offers you a set of diagnostic tools so you can easily configure the domains and email accounts you will protect.

User interface simplifies user and admin tasks

Vade Secure Cloud allows you to manage all your users through a dedicated and easy to use interface.

Very precise logs and statistics tool

Vade Secure's real-time dashboard shows your messaging traffic levels. You can generate reports for decision makers in a few clicks, as well as take advantage of an advanced log search interface.

Domain-autonomous filtering policies

Vade Secure Cloud allows you to decide - for each domain - how to treat each category of unwanted email (graymail vs spam vs viruses). You have the keys to implement the most suitable security policy for each email domain you protect.

User accounts available 24/7 in the cloud

Users can instantly access their individual account to review and manage any potentially suspect email or graymail.

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