Identity as a Service

  • Save precious integration time with our SaaS solution requiring very little intervention
  • Benefit from existing security rules thanks to support of already deployed identity security infrastructures (e.g. AD)
  • Control identities operations from a centralized dashboard simplifying administrators and users experience
  • No infra-deployment needed

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Guarantee users identity with WALLIX Authenticator
  • Choose from a variety of MFA solution (Token, Mobile, U2F, SMS etc etc)
  • Protect applications and system by establishing advanced contextual authorization rules

Integration with Wallix Bastion and Other Web Application

  • Provide smooth user experience with seamless SSO authentication
  • Works seamlessly with Wallix Bastion Solution Suite
  • Ensure authentication for both internal and external applications
  • Support integration of application via industrial standards federated protocols (Saml, OAuth, Radius, Ldap… etc)