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Founded in 2009, Bizsecure Asia Pacific is the exclusive Asia Pacific representative of leading IT security solutions from Europe.

Understanding the importance of reliable IT security systems in the digital age’s increasingly complex business environment, Bizsecure is committed to delivering best-in-class solutions that give the…

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Our Products

A subsidiary of Airbus Cybersecurity, providing next-gen security to your network, data and endpoint


Securing your network system, from the inside

Web application security with unique Workflow

The most trusted asset for your CDN

The most reliable IT/OT security used in an nuclear power plant

Logpoint unifies SIEM, SOAR & UEBA, accelerating threat detection and response

New age Advance Persistent Threat (APT) protection

Our Solutions

APT Protection

Advanced Persistance Threat (APT) is a long game huge reward attack performed by a team of intruders to illicit... Learn More

Data Security

Powered by Stormshield Data Security Enterprise, BizSecure’s Asset Protection solution helps you secure... Learn More

Endpoint Protection

BizSecure’s endpoint protection solutions are powered by Stormshield, a fully-owned subsidiary of... Learn More

Privilege Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions are designed to mitigate inherent... Learn More

Web Application Firewall

Proactively or reluctantly, organizations make their data readily accessible to suppliers... Learn More

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are designed to manage access to application... Learn More

IT/OT Security

For many years, industrial systems relied upon proprietary protocols and airgap technology to ensure it's security... Learn More

Load Balancer

When it comes to large scale deployment of the service to the public, the last thing we wants is the failure of the content delivery... Learn More

Vulnerabilities Assessment

Selecting the right security solution to fortify your networks requires a broad understanding of... Learn More

Nextgen UTM Firewall

Modern threats that easily outmaneuver traditional security systems demand a new approach to security... Learn More

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