Kleverware IAG

Founded in 2005 and labelled “France Cyber Security”, Kleverware is a software publisher specialized in identity and access governance (IAG). Kleverware offers a solution for audit, analysis and account review that helps supervisors (Business, IT, Security) to ensure that they are in compliance with standards, regulations and their ISSP.


  • Homogenize your data simply by correlating information from heterogeneous environments.
  • Get your first analyses, a global compliance dashboard, and custom reports quickly built.

Analytics & Workflow

  • Integrating the Kleverware IAG “Analytics” features,
    it is the ideal solution if your teams work together in a collaborative way.

    It will allow you to industrialize the elements set up with the Analytics version and will give you access to a consultation portal at your disposal.

    Benefit from efficient recertification management thanks to a web interface and automated alerts.