Seclab Cybersecurity

Seclab SXN (Secure Xchange Network) is a hardware-enforced cross-domain gateway designed to allow controlled data exchanges (files and flows) between 2 networks. Maintaining Bi-directional protocol without compromising on security, which Data Diodes unable to achieve.

SXN Core Features:
– Direction control: data exchanges can be one-way only or two-way
– Destroying the Transport layers of any protocol
– Preventing any attack at transport level, by having a chip-based architecture (vs SW)
– Content filtering (such as files) or chaining other products for such (ex: Firewall)

Secure SXU (Secure Xchange USB) is a hardware enforced USB dedicated to file exchanges using USB sticks.
SXU Core Feature:
– Directional Control: File exchanges can be one way or two way
– Destroying the USB layer, recreating a trust USB layer
– Preventing any attack at USB, by having a chip-based architecture or Software
– File Filtering of chain with other Security solution for analysia