Ubika Web Application Firewall

UBIKA, the new DenyAll, is a European cybersecurity provider. Its mission is to help organizations secure their digital transformation by protecting applications against cyber attacks.

Ubika Web Application Firewall is the most indispensable security solution for all types of businesses, public authorities and large enterprise customers. It will meet your specific development needs, infrastructure environment and security policy. Taking into account the form factor, the type and number of applications, the complexity of the environment as well as regulatory and industry standards will help decide which Edition is the best suited to provide the most relevant security measures for your organization.


WAF Deployment
• Virtual & Hardware

• OWASP Top 10, HTTP request interpretation, Black/Whitelist engine, Prevent Zero-Day Attakcs

API Security
• Parse and Validate Schemas, manipulate JSON/XML

Dedicated Management Console
• Centralised provision, centralize management, chain multiple security engine

Graphic Work Flow
• Setup policies and rules via the Graphical User Interface workflow